Album Release - January 2021


Asthm's new 8 track album is a DIY piece to be release on Kite Records in January 2021, it includes collaborative work with close friends.

Hugs to Saara Hopponen, Nestori Kumpunen, Antoine Vallée, Anna Haaraoja, Brandon Emene and Luiza Preda

"Time" music video by Luiza Preda

"Resonate" music video by KITE


After moving from France to Finland in 2013, Vincent Masse explored various musical horizons who led to his first release under the name Asthm, in september 2018, A self made album named "Black hole's colour".

On November 24th 2020, a music video of the track "Resonate" is being released. It's the first song of an 8 track album named "Talk", made in collaboration with various artists, published on Kite Records in January 2021.




©Saara Hopponen

©Saara Hopponen

In 2019, beside taking part of Excite Music, Vincent Masse and his friend Nestori Kumpunen co-created an artistic co-operative named KITE. It focuses on combined work to produce project together, and for other artists. 

"Vincent Masse didn't make a big fuss about it when he dropped his debut as Asthm in September 2018: Black Hole's Color was only released digitally and in a limited cassette edition of 40 copies. Fittingly, the album paints a murky picture of dusk in delicate sound with minimalist synths. Recorded in his little home studio in Tampere, Finland, the eight pieces on the album are an impressive testament to the creativity of a lone man who follows his artistic vision faithfully without repeating himself. 

It is fascinating how convincingly Asthm does this, given the sophisticated understatement of each sample, of every harmonic and rhythmic nuance. "Late" luxuriously drowns in bass and guitars, "Saturn" and "Cri" are carried by tender grooves—but no matter how Masse chooses to enchant, it works for all those who see his productions for what they are: highly atmospheric pieces of modern DIY art." - Excite Music